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Who We Are
Miyama Apartments has long been a provider of expatriate housing in Taipei since the 1980's. Whether you are looking for a chic studio for one , a classy apartment for two, or a grand house befitting foreign dignitaries, we can help.
Under MiyamaHome - our newly launched brand of residential housing - we provide a wide range of properties with flexible lease terms, and our dedicated staff are responsive to your every need. Come visit us at MiyamaHome - your home away from home.

MiyamaHome at SongJiang-NanJing
Located on a quiet lane just off NanJing East Road, a major thoroughfare of central Taipei, our 30 contemporary studio apartments offer calming retreats in close proximity to the city's most vibrant neighborhoods.
★200m from SongJiang-NanJing MRT station (Exit #3)
★At junction of MRT Green Line and MRT Orange Line
★Abundant choice of restaurants and shops within walking distance.
★400m from Rokujyodori (六条通)
★500m from Shi Ping Market.(四平商圈)
★Amenities include: Kitchenette with dish dryer, clothes washer & dryer, air conditioning and heating, Toto Washlet, 43” flat screen TV, complimentary cable TV subscription and Wi-Fi access.

多元出租方案  多重選擇居住環境
松江南京棧  MiyamaHome at SongJiang-NanJing